43rd Month Anniversary!

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The day began with our favorite Kwap Chap near my house.

Excited Bella reaching the surprised trip to Science Centre!

It was Snow City first. Short and Stout Bella.

Then it was Science Center!

Left: Taking a poo in the public
Right: Relaxing on the bed

Upon reaching 6pm, both of us were famine due to the walking and playing. Decided to head to the nearest food outlet which happens to be the junk food restaurant, McDonalds. After some satisfying but fattening dinner, we catch the direct bus 97 from Jurong East to Marina Square. Needless to say, both of us were dozing off for the whole journey.

Went for some shopping before settling down for Bella's favorite Chocolate Milkshake at Billy Bomber. We ended the day with the movie "The Final Destination" (When exactly is the last? This is the 4th sequel already!). Movie was alright, albeit too short.

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