Portable Speaker

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Ash tray anyone?

The compact, portable Orbit M speaker system is an ideal way to share your MP3, CD player, music-enabled phone* or laptop tunes anytime, anywhere. Slip it out of your pocket or purse for an instant audio broadcast. Just plug and play, the incredible full-bodied, 360-degree sound will amaze your friends with its clarity and range. At the park, at a party, or just at your desk, it is a great companion for your favorite music device when you want a break from headphone wires or share your tunes with friends. And, with its long battery life, the music keeps playing long into the night.
  • Incredible volume and clarity
    Clear, distortion-free sound

  • 360-degree sound field
    Projects impressive sound in all directions.

  • Total Connectivity
    Easily connects to portable CD players, MP3 players, music-enabled phones*, laptops and other audio devices, including iPod and iPhone.

  • Rugged design
    Handles whatever your mobile lifestyle dishes out.

  • Long battery life
    Plays for up to 24 hours on 3 AAA batteries.

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