10 Things to do in Dec

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Why December? Because you are my loyal reader, I do not need to explain the obvious. :)

1) Jog + Swim + Soccer (To train for IPPT in Jan)
2) Watch educational videos (@ khanacademy He is good!)
3) Learn some good excel functions (@ ExcelisFun)
4) Continue my "Warren Buffet: The Snowball Effect"
5) If possible, go national library try out the bloomberg station
6) Learn more nice food recipe (includes learning aglio olio from Wee Hian)
7) Repair my Klipsch Promedia 2.1 (One hell of a speaker)
8) Get a 7200rpm internal notebook hard disk. I used to format my hard disk once a month last time to get optimum performance, partly because I am on windows (this is not necessary if I am on Linux!)
9) Play Football Manager 2010. Finally able to dominate league using Newcastle.in championship that is :(
10) Last but not least and most important of all, spend quality time with my Bella whom I have neglected for months!

Lets see how many I can strike off by the end of Dec.

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