Post-CFA Week 1

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Lets see how much things I did in the past week.

Sunday night after the paper at expo - Went to Jurong East for Justin's baby 1 month celebration. Unfortunately, only Wee Hian and Galvin made it there.

Monday - Whole day at home lazing around. Felt a bit strange to not studying on a full day. And I actually wasted the whole day trying to overhaul my operation system. Spent a ton of time trying to do the ghosting only to realise that my cdrw failed on me. RAHHH

Tuesday - Went for lesson in the morning followed by gathering with gamblers Poly friends. Played 1 round of mahjong followed by 3 hours of Texas holdem at Gavin's house. Then went to Alex's condo for 2 hours of tennis. Dinner was settled with a nice plate of mee goreng.

Wednesday - Went for lesson in the afternoon followed by family dinner.

Thursday - Met up with Yong Zhi (Ex-UOB colleague) during his lunch hours at Raffles City. Hope he clinch the new derivatives job. Went for an 80mins jog in the night. Started from my usual route at Serangoon Garden, I ventured further to Serangoon North, went round the industrial park at AMK Ave 3. I also ran past my secondary school. Nothing has changed; all the technical building, basketball courts still around.

Friday - Went for a 2 hours swim cum tanning session in the morning followed by 6 hours lecture in school. Just finishing eating my usual Friday night supper Bak Chor Mee and now spending 10min to blog.

As for Saturday, I am bringing bella to watch her long-awaited Christmas Carol 3D at Vivocity. Luckily the show is still broadcasting. After which, it will be photo taking session for her new collections of clothes. I have to simultaneously juggle between taking photo for her and setting up her new MSI notebook (installing fresh win 7, install drivers, softwares, ghosting etc).

My schedule for next week has been fully booked as well. It will probably be the end of third week when I will accomplished all the stuff I have put on hold for the past 2 months.

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