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I came to know about this guy called Chris Langan who was profiled by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Outliers. He was alleged to be the world's smartest person with an IQ level in the 190s range; Albert Einstein was 150 where the average joe is 100. Its a very interesting book and I strongly recommend anyone and everyone to read it.

I googled for more information about this guy. He appeared in a US game show "I VS 100" where he competed against 100 people for a million dollars. In the book, it was mentioned that after reaching $250,000, he did a mental calculation and walked away with the cash saying that the risk involved outweighed the potential benefits. Also, for every answers answered previously, he did not hesitate twice and never utter words such as "hmmm...", "erm..", "i think..". Below is part 1 of 3 of the interview video I found on youtube.

I also googled for IQ test and chanced upon this site. On that site, a list of people with the highest IQ level are given along with a IQ test. If you have got 40min to spare and are interested to know your IQ level, take this test. I got 118. You would probably take less than 40min to complete the test unless you have got the determination of South Korean kids. Why so? Stay tuned for next post about South Korean's academic culture.

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