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Nice, I called to terminate my Starhub MaxOnline few days ago. The CSO said they will call me back few days later to confirm. I thought they were trying to formulate an offer I could not resist (Which obviously is hard. When I have decided something with regards to IT, most likely I have done a reasonable amount of due diligence and you think those majority ignorant sales person able to persuade me?)

And so few days went pass - not a single day without youtube buffering of course - I received a call today. Without second guess, it was from their terminating department trying to persuade me to stay. What was their tool? This is the best thing. They gave me an offer that is EXACTLY the same as the one advertised on their PUBLIC domain i.e. an offer that is available is every peter, john and larry on the street. So much so for being a hub club member for years.

No prize for guessing correct the action I took.

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