Birthday brunch

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Had a family brunch at Tong Luk Seafood for their Dim Sum + Seafood buffet

Left: Some kong bao chicken (not nice)
Right: chee cheong fun (nice!)

Left: Har Gao (average)
Right: Siew Mai (average)

Left: Honey sauce prawn (Nice!)
Right: Butter Oat prawn (average)

Left: Char Siew Bao (never eat)
Right: Beancurd skin with prawn (nice)

Left: Gu Lao Rou (not nice)
Right: Eeeee Fu Mian (average)

Left: Steamed rib (nice)
Right: Salmon Sashimi (yes its included in the buffet! Average though)

Left: Chrysanthemum jelly (nice)
Right: Chicken meat and char siew (average)

Left: Food galore! All for 4 people, we couldn't finish.

Overall, the dim sum is average and the seafood is average. However, now that we know the dishes to avoid and aim for, we would definitely make another trip in the future.

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