Post-Exams Day 1

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Lets see what did I accomplish today after months of studying.

- Woke up at 10am, attempt to ghost my current windows image. Notebook auto shut down half way through; failed.

- Went for a swim at 11am upon seeing the sun. Reached the pool, swam a few laps with the sun appearing 10% of the time. Got out of pool when I saw droplets from the sky. Went out of the swimming complex only to see the sun back out scorching hot again; as if mocking at me, failed.

- Reach home not long before meeting Patrick for lunch downstairs as he just finished his morning paper.

- Came back home and attempted to ghost again but fail, went on to install win7 direct. After few tries (few tries = few hours), managed to install the x64 version but realised my webcam driver is not working. Installed the x86 version instead and it works. Everything went on smoothly until... I plug in my earphone; only to realise that the youtube video is still playing...with the sound from speaker, failed. Install back winxp after 7 hours of experimenting.

- Went for a jog after like 2 months? Brought along my shuffle too as I was jogging alone (usually I will jog with my MysteryMSNFriend. Just when I was raring to go, I realise the shuffle doesn't power up, failed.

- Thought I could do some 30min jog for a start, only to see myself panting like a dog after 15min. a know.. crawling on four no joke. If you think I am are probably right.

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