Post-Exams Day 7

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Had a great night with my poly friends with dinner at Chomp Chomp followed by some drinking session at Liquid Kitchen. And when this group of friends gather, what other thing better to do than gambling? albeit not with money this time round. This is the group when together, we play mahjong, poker cards especially texas holdem, dices etc to the extend of buying mahjong table, poker chips. Only thing left is probably visiting the casino as we figured out instead of money going towards the evil corporate, wouldn't it be better if the money is rotated among ourselves?

Don't be mistaken, we are a bunch of beer guys. Just once in a blue moon, we tried wine (I believe it was our first wine bottle together). And thanks to Jits for sending everyone of us back and poor him have to drink full glass of water instead of alcohol for punishment when playing games.

P.S My previous post was left intentionally blank because it was what it was....blank for the whole day.

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