Dinner @ German Restaurant

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Li Ling was feeling down at work during my Orientation Day at SIM. She said she needed some German meat to calm her down. Hence, after my orientation, I rushed down to Outram Park MRT to meet her. It was raining slightly and luckily I had an extra T-Shirt and towel, courtesy of the orientation goodies bag, to cover our precious head from the rain.

Stepped into the restaurant, feeling like VIP as the whole restaurant was empty, we spent 5min to order our food before proceeding to the washroom to clean up ourselves. Starring at the wall of glasses behind, I asked the drunkard knowledgeable wine drinker the purpose of each type of glasses. Some lessons learnt are that big rounded glass is for red wine to capture the scent of the wine; spinning the wine is to allow the scent to disperse for us to smell; thin glass is for white wine etc. For more in-depth information, you can read some of the fantastic entries written by Wendy over here.

Soon, our food arrived and the hungry Bella (Just imagine the image of a tiger tearing the flesh off a deer) began her feast while I..... also began my feast =D

Right: Poor Bella who can't wait for her food

Left: Saw the Great Wall of Glasses behind her?
Right: Mirror image

Left: Pig
Right: Chicken

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