Super Full Friday!

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Morning ate a bread bought by Bella's mum. Its equivalent to 3 slices of the normal Gardenia bead.

Went lunch with my guy colleague. As the place is famous for its chicken/shao rou fan, we decided to try out another stall's Tom Yam Yi Mian. The temptation was hard to resist but I'm glad we still did it as we wanted to try out the noodle long ago.

We sad down beside an uncle eating shao rou and cha shao fan. He left 10min later, leaving a plate full of the big and juicy shao rou omg!!! What the hell he should just finish it argh!! We were actually asking ourselves if we would "steal" it if no one was around (lol that was gross I know; eating leftover by others). Anyway, the tom yam yi mian is really nice too, definitely gonna try it again. We left the place with our heads held high.

After that, we went to UOB Bank to get a bank draft for him to settle his UOL registration fee. 20min later, we found ourselves unknowingly standing in the queue for the shao rou fan wahahha. Yes thats right! We went back to the same eating place again. This time round at a different stall. The crazy us just ordered each of us a place of shao rou fan hahaha. Anyway, the stall is at One Philip Street, opposite OCBC building.

Then at about 3pm, colleague offered me 2 merci chocolate and some potato chips. At 5.45pm, I ate the remaining 2 more bread bought by Bella's mum. Thats equivalent to 6 slices of bread. Yes, I am still on my track to gain weight! RAHH

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