F3 + 2 + another one Steamboat Dinner (again)

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2 steamboat dinner in 2 weeks, I'm on the right track to gain weight. haha

This time round, its F3 + 2 + another one. Roy and Grace; Wendy and me; and Gavin and Irene. 3 couples. We went back to the first steamboat we had where it has my favorite ji rou zu rou. While the purpose was to discuss our trip to Bintan on the 1st of August, we spent most of the time eatting and chatting off topic. Can't be blame as the ji rou zu rou is too tempting. Our mouth are too busy.

Ma La + Suan Cai combo

Add that with light soya sauce = cloud 9

Gavin was on a running nose; he used up all our tissue paper! However, his strong perseverance in wanting the fan to be switched on left us gobbling the food in a cool environment. Roy was again the undisputed corn king who was seen begging away for his confiscated corn by Irene; nearly to the extent of kneeling down. Irene unleashed her power too rapidly in the beginning stage where she was seen at an instant with 5 meatball in her mouth. Felt by the strong presence of the corn king, Wendy was seen chucking in a corner with her world of lotus root note; clearly overshadowed by the corn king. Grace, a newcomer into the F4 family showed little skills and moves to be highlighted in this event. As for me, I was just eating a normal and decent buffet, nothing fanciful and exaggerating =)

Left: GHOST!
Right: Collin, "okok will leave some for you....stop aiming"

The new member to our F4 family

Cam whore in the same lift again

Our transport, courtesy of the 2 drivers

We figured out the combination as above in order to achieve equal weight distribution between the 2 cars.

After the sumptuous dinner, we proceeded to Ben's house to achieve full strength; F4 + 2 + another one. Such a pity that we actually did not take a full cult family photo. Our motives, other than to have a place to chill out after dinner, was to persuade Tok Qun Ben to go for the trip as he initially did not want to go. Nothing much happens at his house as there was no alcohol to spice things up lol.

We left the place, finally got the nod from Ben, at half pass twelve.

How is he possibly able to reject?

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