Happy 29th Month Anniversary

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Last Saturday was Bella and my 29th month anniversary. We spent the whole day out reading, chilling, eating, watching movie etc.

It was raining heavily when we woke up in the early afternoon. It continued to pour when we met up at 2pm plus to have our branch below my house. I ordered Fried Fish Soup while Wendy ordered Fish Slice Bee Hoon. Not feeling full, I grab my favorite "kong ba bao" while making our way to the MRT Station.

We arrived at Chinatown and luckily the rain subsided. I miscalculated the initial event to have our brunch at my house's coffeeshop. Because whenever we were at Chinatown, we I will always eat the famous Yong Tau Foo at the hawker centre. Its simply too delicious! Although the standards dropped drastically. Nonetheless, I still gave it a go even though I just had my brunch 30min ago :P

How am I supposed to resist this bowl of noodle?

Left: Me with my mouth full of yong tau foo
Right: Bella with her Soya Bean.

After the meal, I was intending to bring her to The Book Cafe. Knowing the place was inaccessible, I wanted to take a cab. However, thinking it would be time consuming and waste of money, we decided to chill out at Millennia Walk's Coffee Club instead. :)

Left: "Relac one corner"
Right: The books that accompanied us through the lazy Saturday afternoon, a bit cold though.

Sim Li Ling was contemplating whether to order her favorite mudpie or the fondue. She chose the latter which was a wise decision as it lasted us for quite some time :)

Left: Still going strong after 2-3 hours of reading
Right: Bella couldn't take it anymore and started acting like retard while waiting for the magical "8pm" to arrive (Our dinner time)

One of the section found in the book "Show me the Money". When will my Cosco ever surge by 1067 percent?

The initial plan was to have our dinner at Curry Flavour. But the food was kind of expensive and we need to walk for quite a distance. Furthermore, she has never tried the garlic prawn pasta before which I preached that it was the nicest pasta I ever had. And yes it still is! Hence; I told her that we would order the pasta at 8pm before proceeding to Marina Square for our movie Get Smart at 9.45pm.

The dish that needs no introduction. Garlic Prawn Pasta!!!

Bella with her popcorn and ice lemon tea.

The show ended close to 12 midnight and we have no idea why it dragged till so late when the movie length was suppose to be just 109minutes. Thankfully, we still managed to catch the bus at Esplanade and sleep through the journey after a long day outside.

You can check out her "review" of our anniversary here. :P

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