F4+2+another one steamboat dinner

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What was to be planned as a budget steamboat dinner came out as a horror for some!

Irene, Grace, Wendy, Roy, Ben and me met up at Hougang Point NTUC at 4.30pm sharp to get our steamboat ingredients. Initially, we wanted to get 3 trolleys so that we can have an inaugural trolley race with me pushing Bella, Roy pushing Grace and Irene pushing Ben Ben pushing Irene. But what was deemed as a spoiler was that, we do not have enough coins!!! (even if we do, do you think we will do it? only nuts like Jackass do it)

We started pushing the look-bigger-than-average trolley around hunting for food as if there is a war. We took about half an hour to 45 to fill up the trolley one third full. Based on my vast amount of experience D.I.Ying steamboat at home, I predicted that the food are too much to finish. And all of us failed to predict the total price.

First horror: The total price exceeded the amount we would pay if we were to go to any of the steamboat restaurant in Bugis. Talk about budget! HAH

Trying to squeeze in to help

We then shared 2 cabs and proceeded to Irene's house (think mansion) to prepare the steamboat. The girls snatched the little kitchen area to do the washing and cutting of food. Left standing in a dismay, we guys have no choice but to just entertain ourselves with whatever that is available.

The food guardian (pass me if you want to tamper with the food)

Left: wow, roy is able to cover the whole of "another one"
Right: the girls are busy, we make use of the wonderful function called "self-timer"

After some hard work of opening the 2 cans, we began doing up the most important part of the steamboat (guys are meant to accomplish big and important thing!). Yes, soup base is one of the most critical ingredient in a steamboat. After much mixing of 30% chicken soup, 20% chicken cube and 50% plain tap water, the soup is up and raring to go. Next important stuff, the chilli and soya sauce. Again, it is not an easy feat to accomplish, needless to mention, the guys are made to do it. Garlic, together with parsley, were mixed together to produce "she, xiang, wei" padi chilli with soya sauce.

Left: Vegetarian steamboat
Right: The famous "she, xiang, wei" padi chilli with soya sauce.

Be it a coincidence or not, Gavin arrived just in time during the transition between "food finished preparing" and "steamboat ready to commence" period. Nevertheless, he agreed to wash the dishes after the dinner BUT HE APPARENTLY DID NOT! Poor Bella and me washed the dishes instead.

Left: The red couple digging in happily
Right: The white couple

Left: Aiming the same food?

After the satisfying dinner, we went up to Irene's room for a relax cum little beer drinking session. The initial plan was actually to have durian after steamboat but apparently, it was a mission too hard to comply. Nevertheless, we decided to walk our way to the durian stall and "look see look see". A good 20min of walking I would say.

Left: On the way to durian stall arm in arm

Upon reaching the place, we concluded that we could not force ourselves to down the durian during that moment of point. Hence; the typical formation arise (forming a circle) whenever we have to think of places to go.

The formation

Next destination, kbox. We boarded a bus only to realise it will not reach our destination. Instead, we have to alight at a distance away and route march another 30min to Hougang Plaza's kbox. We contemplated whether to carry out this imprompt mission as the cost per head calculated was not worthwhile.

So, we decided instead (after the formation arose for few min) to..... TO BE CONTINUED. Stay tuned for part 2 :)

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