Happy weekend!

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Bella stayed over at my house on Friday night. The next day,we went for lunch with my Sister and Mother at Kovan's Hong Kong Cafe. The lunch was ended with some career chat over the mango dessert.

Left: Food galore!
Right: The mango dessert.

After the lunch, Bella and I took a cab down to her house for a short rest before driving her dad's car out. We decided to have a steamboat dinner as Sister just bought a new electrical steamboat "machine" (lol dunno what to call it). We drove over to Hougang Point to get the food as the NTUC faireprice has a larger variety of food. Damage done was SGD$30 for 3 people =D

Prawn, salmon, meatball, fish dimpling, golden mushroom, vege, minced meat

Left: My favorite topshell, better than abalone!
Right: It tastes nicer than it look I swear

Full and satisfied after the dinner, I went over to stay at Wendy's house for the night. The next day, we drove to Ikea Tampines as Bella wanted to see some furniture as she is planning a major revamp of her room with new bed and sofa. Of course, how can we miss out the food at Ikea? It is sort of a must-eat whenever we go there. However, the food seems to be degraded. I ordered the local rice set while Wendy ordered the malay nasi padang.

Left: The nice nasi padang
Right: The nice chicken wing

The interesting guide that help people to identify their suitable bed. Bella belongs to first row last column :P

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