Long Weekends!

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Long weekends... are finally over :(

Other than the routine soccer matches every Sunday, its been a extraordinary pasta cooking weekends. Other than the inaugural attempt at Garlic Prawn Pasta on Friday, I tried another new dish I saw on the web; the Creamy Mushrooom Pasta. And on Sunday night, I went over to Bella house for dinner. Its been eons years ago since I last had dinner and stay over at her house.

1) 3 attempts at the White Wine Creamy Mushroom Pasta.

First Attempt

Forgot to put salt, pepper and cheese. Added too much chicken stock; covering both the white wine and cream taste.

The $20 white wine at NTUC

Prawn and mushroom are not a good match here.

It still taste ok though.

Second Attempt

Added too much wine and chicken stock (again); resulted in watery strong wine taste.

Third Attempt

Finally got the mixture right. But was left with too much cream; hence not much sauce left. Nevertheless, the spaghetti was boiled in salty water which give it the extra taste. Will get better in the next attempt!

The set lunch prepared for Bella.

Set Lunches for sister and her friend.

Right: Bella with her office lunch.
2) Soccer

Team FATA finally got their win after several consecutive defeats. This match also marked the end of our 2008 season due to rainy season and players' exams. Good luck for your paper guys! We have also strengthened our team with the addition of 3 players.

3) Bella House

As usual, the dinner at Bella's house was superb, I downed 3 bowls of rice. There was the super nice duck meat with crispy skin, mixed vegetable with mushroom, fried fish, "gor hiong", and nice tasty soup. If only I got 2 stomach wahhaa. After dinner, its time for the super Sunday match between Chelsea and Liverpool. Despite the sucky singnet, we still managed to catch most of the action.

4) Food from new stall

$1.50 chicken rice is seen selling at a new stall below my house. We decided to try it out for brunch today.

Other than the chicken rice, the rest is not up to normal standard.

Thats all for now. Hope you guys enjoyed your weekends too!

Bonus Picture

(The blogger @ work)

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Eugene Fu - October 29, 2008 at 6:22 PM

you look ugly with the black camou cream... but i still like u cuz u are my friend...

Collin Yeo - October 29, 2008 at 6:41 PM

ah fu ge, if you are someone else, you will get one time jialat jialat from me. But you are my friend so you won't kana so jialat from me. RAH!!!

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