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I am always of the opinion that one of the habits that a middle income earner needs to possess in order to rise to the high income earner is frugal. Simply because we all know that earning is harder than saving. In other words, saving is easier than earning (duh). However, not many people know about this simple logic; hence they went all over to earn every cents out of his employer where it would be much simpler to cut down your expenses.

Cutting down on your expenses by preparing your meals at home essentially enable a person to save at least 10 bucks per meal instead of eating out. Note, when we say eating out, most of the time we meant eating at restaurant or cafe, not kopitiam! Don't ever underestimate these few bucks that you saved because legend has it that all the small things in the world will eventually be combined or accumulated to become one big thing a.k.a "Ji Shao Cheng Duo". Of course, one needs to take into account the economics of scale of preparing the meal. You would be better off eating at downstairs kopitiam rather than preparing your own meal at home (one serving I mean).

After taking into account the above, the work of a PhD's thesis, I will occasionally prepare Monday lunch for Bella, my sister and her colleague on a hardworking Sunday afternoon. Of course its not those extravagance meal; rather just some simple pasta or fried rice.

Packet containers

Ingredients, nothing fancy; all got from my backyard

Ham within egg/egg with ham. One of the magical combination of food in Chinese's cookery

Simple yet delicious, delicious yet cheap, cheap yet expensive

I did some calculation, the price of each set is produced at the quantity where marginal revenue equals marginal cost; effectively I am a monopoly and this is the quantity where my profit is maxed. Just some bullshit, pardon me. The cost of each set is roughly the total cost of (4 eggs/3) + (half can of luncheon meat/3) + (2 cups of rice/3) + (one grab of silver fish/3) + (4 otak/3). Do let me know if you managed to calculate it, I will email you 1 complimentary set out of goodwill (I have to amortized it because of this!).

Now, after so much crab crap, what has the topic got to do with the content? Think hard.

It actually has nothing to do with the content written as I thought by putting that topic, I am able to attract more traffic from google's search engine. bauahhaha

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