Semi-Annual YangZheng Primary School Class 6F Gathering

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Gathering is CONFIRMED!

About a year ago, we have our inaugural gathering at Bugis. One year later, we have organise another gathering for the peeps of Class 6F.

Date: 19th Dec 08
Time: 7pm
Venue: Bugis MRT
Dinner: Creation Cafe (*Ding Ding*)

Please refer to the below list for the headcounts; updated whenever necessary.

The heros who are most likely able to make it =)

1) Collin - Both dates ok
2) Elin - Both dates ok
3) Jason - Both dates ok
4) Gavin - Both dates ok (Prefer 20)
5) Kelly - Both dates ok (Dinner only)
6) Jamie - 19th
7) Serene - 19th (20th cannot but let her know)
8) Samantha - Both dates ok
9) Dave - Both dates ok
10) Ren Feng - 19th
11) Meng Choon - Might join us after our dinner

Pending Response (If your name is listed below, the best thing you can do is to get back to me ASAP even when you are considering so that I can do a headcount! argh)

Min Zhou - AWOL
Yong Xiang - AWOL

Peeps who are unable to attend :( (Please help keep this list short)

Yeow Hwa

Some photos if you are contemplating whether to meet us for dinner. hahaa

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