34th Month Anniversary

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Out for a full day during our monthly "dua li ji" (Big Ocassion), we first set off early in the morning to Expo (again) to Hall 5 (again) to collect my race pack. After getting remarks from my friends who collected the day before, it would appear that we need to queue for a good one to two hours before we can finally collect it. Hence, we have decided to go for breakfast first. Since Expo is near to Bedok and there locates a very very nice stall selling very very nice lor-mee since I was young, Bella and I decided to hitch a ride (from the courtest bus driver who required us to tap a card called ez-link, so nice of him) to Bedok MRT via Bus 24. The previous time we went the stall was closed and fortunately, it was opened on a busy Friday morning. Though the quality has dropped, but it still far surpass any lor mee I have eaten in Singapore thus far.

Left: Interesting "Don'ts" list especially the classic "Faster leh"
Right: The super nice Lor-Mee at Bedok Interchange

After our satisfying breakfast, we headed straight to Expo via MRT. Fortunately, the queue was not as bad and we managed to collect the race pack within an hour or so. As promised, Bella will get her favourite chocolate shake at Billy Bomber and catch the Madagascar on the big screen at Marina Square.

Bella enjoying life to the fullest (With chocolate shake and food!)

Time was still aplenty after our light snacks at Billy Bombers, Bella suggested going to the arcade (shes a gamer! those cartoon games that is). We did not order any popcorn this time round due to the breakfast and snacks within hours of time span.

Gamer in action!

Finally, the day ended with a wine tasting session at Lower Delta Road's The Wine Symphony. The place was opened by Bella's brother's friend's elder sister. We managed to taste a variety of wine ranging from white and red, sweet and non-sweet, heavy and light, expensive and inexpensive, Australia and more Australia. Not a fan of New World Wine especially Australia, Bella gave a strong critics against some of the wine with a tone similar to Robert Park, her idol.

The Wine Symphony at Lower Delta Road

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