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Went to school for make-up lesson on Saturday. Brought Bella along as something near my school attracted her more than anything, ya what else but FOOD FOOD FOOD! After our brunch, I sent her to the nearby Ikea building at Queensway while I went for my lesson.

Bad weather though

Luckily, the rain subsided when we reached there :)

Left: Oyster Noodle
Right: Fried Rice

The star; Chicken Wrapped Chicken

She like to take portrait while I prefer landscape

$32 for 18 packets of "Zhi Bao Ji", 1 plate of noodle, fried rice and chinese tea pot

As time was of essence, I decided to settle our dinner nearby our house. Hence; after few considerations criteria (Rice for me as I need carbo for my marathon the next day, the place must have Watson as Wendy needed to get her stuff), we have decided to have our dinner at the hawker centre above Bishan Interchange. Amazing, the food there was great! Great = nice to eat yet afforable.

Left: My wine chicken cooked in nice black sauce
Right: Wendy's bee hoon tom yam I think

This was dated 2 or 3 weeks ago btw.

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