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I am so going to take a break today.

Going to Serangoon Gardens to eat Kway Chap with Bella. Shes into Kway Chap lately. And no, before this was another food, and before that food was another food. Namely, her taste for food never stop, just keep changing from one to another. rahhh

After brunch, we are going to find a mouse for her notebook and photo frame. Perhaps we should wait till Sitex 09 where she will be buying a new notebook to replace her 5 years Fujitsu. Can bargain for a mouse.

Its been more than 2 months where we last dine out together for dinner. Gonna bring her go Junction 8 for a nice pasta dinner. She missed my pasta!

Its also been more than 2 months where I last bring her to a movie. And tonight just coincidentally, a new Hong Kong show came out and also coincidentally, the show is about the new game I taught her this year. Texas Holdem! The show is Poker King.

My poly friends, who siao about Texas last time, might be interested too! Right? Gavin? Jit? This gang of friends of mine turned from Pool siao, to Texas Holdem siao and now to Tennis siao. They bought cue stick, bought poker chips and now bought tennis racket. Really is play hard.

I have not told her of the dinner and movie yet. All these surprises mean a lot to her and to me. Not only it perks up our dull relationship in months (due to my busyness), it also excite me because I love to see her surprised and happy reaction =D

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James - October 30, 2009 at 8:49 AM

seems to me you really break free from whatever shiet you been through.. lol

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