Christmas Outing: Kranji Farm Resort

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As mentioned in my previous post, I booked a surprise package at Kranji Farm Resort to celebrate Christmas with little Bella.

Slight drizzle while on our way there

Took the free shuttle bus from Yew Tee MRT

Luckily, it never pour

Left: Our personal villa
Right: Each with own personal parking lot!

Interior is not big but not too cramp either

Left: The under-utilize "balcony"
Right: Open air bath anyone?

Bella's Christmas gift

Our first prawn fishing experience; 2 prawns an hour lol

Left: The seafood restaurant
Right: The long waited seafood dinner

This seafood dinner is included in the package. Nice food!

My supper

Grumpy bella with no supper

Left: How can bella resist food, especially when I have mine?
Right: The super nice cereal calamari from the seafood restaurant

After our nasi lemak breakfast, we took a walk around the farm.

Of course, just when everything was looking to end (imagine Bella's sad face), I whipped out another surprise when we reached Bishan. I took her to watch "Bodyguards & Assassins" that I made the reservation of the tickets few days ago. Not a bad show but if you are watching because of Donnie Yen, you would be disappointed.

After the nice history movie, Bella thought everything ended. And yes it did. :)

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